Baseball Rules



Baseball is played by two teams, each of 9 players who try to score more points than the opponents. The game consists of attack and defense. The team defending and attacking in turn. The teams switch places when the defense by force are withdrawn from the area by three attacking team’s players (makes three outs). A team changes 18 times, 9 times defending and attacking 9 times. 1 attack and 1 defense of 1 quarter. So it is played in 9 quarters. Draws are absent. In a case of an equal result after 9 quarter, there is additional quarter, until any team wins.


Attackers try to hit the ball with a bat and get on base before the ball got there. The defenders try as quickly as possible to catch the ball and throw the ball back to the baseman before striker reaches it. If the defenders do it, the attacker is removed from the game ( “out”). If the defenders do not succeed, the attacker occupies the base. The point occurs when a striker safely runs around all the bases and back to home. An attacker can scour the 2, 3 or all 4 stations at once, but have to do that before the ball is returned to the defending base player. If a player manages to dislodge the ball from the stadium, he can take the time to bypass all the bases and score points. If all the bases were occupied, they all would score points for a team (from 1 to 4 points).

When the game removed 3 forwards, teams exchange places and try to score points by opponents. Defensive and offensive are playing the same people.


Defense purposes – to withdraw from the game 3 attackers, allowing them to earn points. After the withdrawal of the match, 3 forwards defending team goes on the offensive. The key is the pitcher’s mound. The pitcher enters the game by throwing the ball to catcher and trying to hit the strike zone. Thrower not only need to hit the strike zone but for the benefit of the team try to make it hard to hit it. Therefore throwers learned to throw not only strong, but the ball rolling down, side to side, changing the speed of the ball, bringing the attackers off balance. Thrower sends the ball from the set position. Thrower prohibited polishing ball with clothing, lubricating grease or rubbing it on the ground. The pitcher can be removed from the game for that action.

The second most important defense position – Catcher. The catcher should catch the ball contained within attacker, easily transferred to the distant bases. The catcher must wear a helmet, a mask, sore knee and shin guards.


When possible, the game is observed by four judges. One at each database. Head Judge stands at the core – the “home” – the base of the catcher’s back and monitors the strike zone, and all decisions are the judge. The other three judges stand near the bases and watches the ball, and the attacker reaches above the base.


Baseball stick can be made of metal or wood. A diameter of not more than 6.75 cm. The ball weighs 142 to 156 grams.


The away team is attacking first. Local team takes up defensive positions. The judge will wait until the first strikers’ stand at the place, and announces the start of the game – “play ball.” When the game starts, only the judge decides whether or not the weather is bad and can stop the game. If the match is interrupted after Round 5, the match regarded as occurring and if after less, it needs to extend match the next day. The game may be canceled due to intense rain, dusk, etc. The event lasts for about 2.5 – 3 hours or more.