Baseball Game – Short Rules


Baseball games – Olympic sports games, played in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.

A baseball field consists of four bases, where attacking team players can stand safely. Playing the game – one of the attacking players stops at first base with a baseball bat and has to hit the ball, which is thrown by the opponent from the center of the square.

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The player is removed if he missed hitting the thrown ball three times. Hitting the ball successfully, the batsman must run toward the next base, while standing players on the other stations are required to run toward the next base only if there is another player (teammate) running to their base. Otherwise, they can not run away.

Defending players are trying to catch a ball and transfer to one of the close friends on the field in the team – if the player with the ball touches the base of the ball while opponent runs to it, running player is removed.

Removing three players of attacking enemies, attacking players reverses with the defensive.

When attack reaches home base, the team is assigned to the point.

If defenders catch the ball without it hitting the ground, the player who hit the ball with a bat is removed.

The battered ball must fly over the square. Otherwise hitting is considered unsuccessful.

If the team beat the ball outside of the field, all the bases standing players can freely go to the home base earning points (Home Run).


Baseball Origin and History

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Baseball origin is unclear. Some sources say that baseball is derived from the old English game “Rounders,” which was played in different variations of English colonization in America. Other sources say that baseball resemblance to the English game is random and that the roots of baseball in the United States, probably in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839, when Abner Doubleday (later US Army General) came up with the scheme of the game.

On the nineteenth century beginning, the game, known as “one old cat named (One Old Cat”), has become popular among students. North Atlantic states game played three boys. Each trap and hit the ball in turn. Batsman to score a point while he got to one base, and returning back without being kicked out of the game. “Two old cats”, ” Three old cats”, “Four old cats” was the game modifications when played respectively 4, 6 or 8 players.

The first match between the clubs in organized baseball was played in the New York neighborhood, where it was founded in 1833 by the Washington Baseball Club. In 1845 “Knickerbocker Baseball Club (New York), wrote the first baseball rules. After creating new baseball clubs, the game started to grasp rapid popularity. The baseball crowds were up to 40,000 spectators. At the time it was a fantastic number. In 1858 US established the first national baseball association.

The first fully professional baseball club – “Cincinnati Red Stockings” was founded in 1868. In 1876, eight professional baseball clubs merged into the National League (National League), later founded the American League (American League). The second state after the US, where baseball was widespread, was Cuba. They started playing in 1865. In Japan, the first baseball game was played in 1869’s. Fairly quickly baseball spread in Latin America: 1895 – Venezuela, in 1897. – Puerto Rico, in 1903. – Colombia, in 1904. – Panama. At the twentieth century beginning, the American soldiers brought the game to Europe. Some time later it spread to Africa, Asia, and Australia.

1938 was founded the International Baseball Federation (IBAF – International Baseball Federation), which currently brings together 110 countries’ national baseball federations. IBAF organizes the World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, the Olympic baseball tournaments, the World junior and junior championships. First World Cup was held in 1938 in Great Britain. The country became the first winner. So far most wins are held by Cuban baseball teams.

Although the demonstration baseball competitions Olympiad took place in the past, first Olympic baseball tournament took place in 1992, Barcelona. Olympics with eight teams. Two seats for Europe. In the first Olympic baseball champions again became a Cuban baseball team. Their achievements were repeated in 1996, in Atlanta. And 2000. Sydney Olympics champion became a US baseball.

World Cup and Olympic Games tournaments currently held every four years, even years, and the Intercontinental Cup – every two years. In this way, global baseball tournament teams meet annually. Cuban baseball teams victory should not be surprising. IBAF competitions on conflicting schedules in the US and other lineups do not participate in the world’s strongest professional baseball league MLB players.

1953 IBAF established a unit for Europe – the European Baseball Confederation (CEB, Eng. European Baseball Confederation), whose members are currently 38 countries. The first European Championship was held in 1954 in Belgium. Italian were baseball champions. Of the 26 tournaments held so far, Netherlands won 16 European Championships, 8 won Italy. Only in 1955 Spain and in 1967 Belgium defeated hosts.

Group A European Championship, which represent Europe in the Olympics or World Cups, are held every two years in odd-numbered years.

CEB as well as by the European countries of club teams Cup (European Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup, Cup and Supercup CEB) and the European juniors, cadets and boys championships. European Cup held since 1963. Barcelona won the first cup “Pescadero Jockey Club” baseball. European Cup Winners’ Cup tournaments held since 1990, the CEB Cup – since 1993, the Supercup (located between the European Cup and Cup Winners Cup) – since 1992. Italian and Dutch clubs dominate the European Cup.

For young baseball players, USA founded Little League baseball, which quickly covered the whole world. Currently, league competitions involving around 2500000 baseball players, divided into three groups: 9-12 years – Little League, 13-15 years – Senior League and 16-18 years – Big League. To get to each year in the US ongoing finals (where four teams from the US, one from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America), the team must win the first of their country, and then the region (eg., Europe) match.

Strongest Baseball Leagues


While baseball is an integral part of the American way of life “part (like a hamburger or Coca-Cola), the sport popular and far beyond US borders. The world’s strongest league MLB (Major League Baseball), which is composed of the National (National League) and the American leagues (American League) play not only in the US but also several Canadian clubs.

Of particular interest is caused by the “World Series” (World Series), where the National and American League winners match up to 4 victories in fighting for the title of the strongest professional teams. Increasingly important role in MLB baseball played in other countries. In the United States, the most audience favorite 3 League: MLB, The world’s strongest league MLB (Major League Baseball), which is composed of the National (National League) and the American leagues (American League) play not only in the US but also several Canadian clubs.

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